How to grow your Instagram page organically from 0 to 1million followers

Patience is a virtue they say.. same goes with everything we do in life like starting a new business,starting a new relationship, self development,staying fit,exercising the list goes on.
But today we are going to focus on one important topic which is “How to grow your Instagram page organically “Growing your userbase or followers is essential in today’s world.
And there are lots of benefit attached to it .
As we can see that having a huge audience can be rewarding in multiple ways.
I know a couple of people who are still struggling or finding it difficult to revive their pages be it on Instagram, facebook,youtube ,blogs and more…..
There is no magic to this if you want to grow organically you have to provide valueble content consistently.
I can assure you that this is the most comprehensive and systematic process that will pay off for everyone anytime. please keep reading!
Before we share our tips l would encourage you to sincerely answer these questions in your mind.
Question #1
1. Are you willing and ready to do the hard work by providing valuable contents daily?
2.Can you commit 3 to 5 years to growing your social media presence to see substantial results?
3.Are you sincerely looking for a longterm strategy that will pay off?
I have always believed that energy grows where energy goes….and energy goes to where energy grows..
So let us get started.
1.The Replicate strategy.
Success leaves clues,strong social media brands will always leave clues which is very evident on their post and feeds.
you do not have to do create everything new from scratch, rather you can do this…
The first step is to scan your competitors page in your niche …look for their post with the most engangement…recreate it or repost it and post on your page regularly. PS:If you should repost your competitors post ensure that you give credit to them or ask for their permission first before you do repost their post on your feed.
2.Giveaway contest.
Encourage your users to tag their friend in every Giveaway contest or post..use things like “tag your friend that can relate to this post,or tag your friend that would like this product etc.
This tagging strategy is huge
PS:combine it with a viral post or trending video….and the results will be fantastic.
3.Posting consistently
Alot of you have fallen guilty of this.some time we post and if we do not see any results for few days,weeks or month we give up.
Winners never quit….
In a space of 5years a friend of mine grew her followers organically from 0 users to 1million users while posting consistently between 5 to 8 posts combined with vidoes and stories daily
Question:Is it doable?
Question:Can you do it?
If the answer is yes then what is stopping you.?
Why haven’t you done it?
Please feel free to share your comments below or tag your friends that needs to read this post..
PS::You can shedule your post for the week or if you have the luxury of time manually do it and engage with your followers which l highly recommend.
Tip #4
4.Engage with other big influencer account.
Give and it will come back to you…
By providing real valuable content under big influencer post you can definitely attract new followers to your page..if luckily your post gets featured at the top as the most relevant comment …it will definitely bring in some amazing rewards like new followers..
Tip:use that opportunity to tag your self eg credit@ashobmart etc
you can follow us on our instagram and see our journey we have just started a few days ago ..and we shall be implementing the strategy we mentioned…follow our journey @ashobmart
5.Shoutout partnership
Doing shoutout for shoutout in feeds and stories.
Partner with another influncers in same niche almost with same following and collaborate with the person.
You both will do shoutout for one another and tag one another same time.
Another idea is if you have a physical product you can share with other influencers to share on their post and tag you.
6.Use the newest features when is out….it automatically boost your reach and increase your followers.for Instagram use the stories ,Igtv and look out for more…
In summary we hope you find this very have to take action because that is the difference between you and others.
PS:The next topic will be focused on “tips on how to curate or create unique content that will attract lots of uniques followers for your social media pages.
If you have any topics you want us to discuss,kindly reach us at our Facebook page or write us at
Ashob Team.

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